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Patricia Canfield Wilson, RID

Designer ∙ Artist ∙ Author ∙  Thought Leader ∙ Educator



"Happiness is an angel with a serious face."

~Amadeo Modigliani



Wellbeing - Being Well - is serious and foundational. Happiness and feeling good go hand-in-hand.


I truly believe that architecture, design, art and color have amazing power at the energetic level to positively impact our moods and enhance our sense of well-being. 


Imagine telling better visual stories that enhance the space and elevate the guest/visitor experience on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


My mission is to educate, inspire, and create more happiness and well-being around the globe! I believe that information - in its various forms of enlightenment - creates awareness and empowerment, which leads to positive transformation and evolution.

Celebrate the powerful emotional impact of design and fine art.

Provide positive intellectual symbolic influence.

Offer energetic and colorful vibrations to uplift the human spirit.

I look forward to working with you.

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Design for Wellness - Services


Blend Branding, Design, and Fine Art with a purposeful strategy and meaningful application for the uplift and WellBeing of the human spirit.

Conscious Meaningful Design cares greatly for the Mind-Body-Spirit-Environmental connection while supporting Goal.

Applicable across Disciplines: Hospitality, Senior Living, Healthcare, Corporate, Multi-Family Housing, Retail

Thought Leadership

Innovation, Strategy and Philosophy

Conceptual, Creative and Artistic Direction

Holistic Design Principles for the Human Mind-Body-Spirit

Education and Inspiration

Theory + Application

Stand-Alone Service and/or Collaboration within the Scope of Services

Informative Research & Discovery

Trends and Forecasts

Branding and Color Marketing

Color Science and Psychology

Semiotics & Symbolism


Visual Communication of Philosophical Values

Story-Telling and Narratives

Articulate the Vision

Brainstorm Solutions to Solve the Problem


I believe the connection between our human bodies, our spiritual souls, and our built environment is crucial. The information we receive vibrationally, visually, and functionally through the architectural and visual language needs to uplift us and support our sense of Wellbeing.

Providing education, information and understanding to all involved is empowering and elevates the value and importance of design.


Patricia Wilson joined a small Pittsburgh design studio at the age of 19 and fell in love with interior design when she was asked to poché a drawing. Fueled by her passion for meaningful and purposeful design, her three-plus decades of experience focus on the joy of Hospitality. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to found her small studio in 2000, which led to many happy consulting opportunities. Today, her broader perspective includes not only interior design but also textile and surface pattern design. She firmly believes in the critical importance of vision and strategy behind the design concept as a win-win for all. Patricia creates awareness by writing about the value of great design and the importance color in our daily lives for the local and global reach. She received her BFA in Design and Minor in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon.


Texas RID License 10822 ∙ Florida RID License 6719 ∙ NCIDQ 029148

Goals of LEED ID+C AP and WELL AP in 2023


Carnegie Mellon University, BFA in Design, Minor in Architecture

Textile Design Lab (Michelle Fifis)

The Working Artist (Crista Cloutier)

Mastering the Business of Art | The Professional Artist (Miguel Mayher)

Gail Doby Interior Design Coaching and Consulting


pw @ patriciacwilson . com​

"You do design because you feel it inside;

you have a moral issue to spread quality in our environment."

~Massimo Vignelli


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Live Beautifully & Live Well!

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