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I love making each and every product for living a truly beautiful lifestyle, whether you're wearing my scarf, using my Planner, or decorating your home with my textile designs. I hope you enjoy!


A portion of my proceeds benefits our local Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, Texas. I and they truly appreciate your shopping.

Patricia Wilson, RID ∙ Founder/Owner ∙ deCamville Design

1227 Hilltop Run, Hideaway, TX 75771

903 216 1669


A Texas Business. Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) Business Registration 727. Patricia Wilson, Texas RID 10822, Duane Mitchell, Texas RA 11012. Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit 3-20372-2579-7.


Patricia Wilson, Florida ID6719.


Portrait by Greg Kaspar.

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