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This is why I do what I do! I truly believe that art, design and color have amazing power at the energetic level to influence healing, positively impact our moods, and enhance our sense of well-being.


Art and design are my passions. I've painted since childhood. I am an artist, licensed commercial interior designer, textile designer, and published author, who has studied color science for decades. 

My mission is to contribute happiness and healing through my art and design. I want to bring more beauty to the world! To offer inspiration, empowerment, uplift, and a sense of well-being through my artwork, textiles, and design.

Sacred Geometry

I've had lifelong loves for color and nature's glorious flowers, the ocean and her shells, and sacred geometry, also known as the Golden Mean, which is inherent in every leaf, petal and shell. 

Giving Back

I am proud to donate a portion of my proceeds to Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, Texas serving seniors, veterans and those in need of safe, affordable housing.

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Patricia Wilson

Designer ∙ Artist ∙ Author

Founder/Owner, deCamville Design, a Texas Business

Texas RID 10822. Texas BR 727. NCIDQ-Certified 029148

Florida ID 6719

BFA in Design, Minor in Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University

Additional Online Education: Textile Design Lab | The Working Artist 

Portrait © Greg Kaspar.


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Patricia Wilson, RID ∙ Founder/Owner ∙ deCamville Design

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A Texas Business. Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) Business Registration 727. Patricia Wilson, Texas RID 10822, Duane Mitchell, Texas RA 11012. Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit 3-20372-2579-7.


Patricia Wilson, Florida ID6719.


Portrait by Greg Kaspar.

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